Luxury Motor Coach Hospitality
Trackside 1 partners with Star Coach Race Tours so you can Party like a Rock Star!  Give your best customers an
experience of a lifetime.  Reward key employees for their dedication to the company.  Offer a unique sales incentive.

Combine our Luxury Motor Coach Hospitality with your sponsorship package and complete your racing experience.

We do all the work.  Just show up at the track and enjoy the race.

Sponsorship is hard work!  Take a break during the long day in our custom RV.  Sit and relax for a few minutes, get out
of the heat, enjoy a cold drink, watch a little TV.

We'll fire up the grill and entertain your guests.

Most fans don't realize how long a typical race day is.  The teams typically start around 8 in the morning and many times
the racing is not over until after 9 pm and your standing on hard concrete all day long!

Enjoy a well deserved break just steps from the garage.

Add Luxury Motor Coach Hospitality to any sponsorship package starting at $5,000.  Rates depend on how far we travel
and the services you choose for your guests.

Key features of the Luxury Motor Coaches:
Direct TV Satellite
Fully equipped Rock Star Tour Coaches
Rooftop observation decks for watching the events
TVs inside and outside the Coaches
Office and Lounge space for Meetings and Socializing
Trackside 1 with Star Coach Race Tours
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